Cardio Spider’s photo gallery!

Photographer Stephen Rokitka unless otherwise noted.

The Neon Museum selected Cardio Spider for its 2017 Performing Artists-in-Residence. As part of our residency, we performed improv shows at the North Gallery surrounded by vintage signs, and at the Boys & Girls Club surrounded by kids! Photo: Mike Maxwell
Cardio Spider debuted its first full-length sketch comedy show at the Vegas Theatre Hub to a sold-out crowd in February of 2017. (from left: Christopher, Charmin Dahl, Kris Chung, Raúl Martinez, Thea Deley and Paul Lirette)
Raúl Martinez (left) and Christopher play minstrels at a Mexican restaurant in our sketch about the language of love (or the ribaldry of romance!).
Steve (Kris Chung) worries the minstrels’ lewd lyrics will upset his wife (Thea Deley), who’s too busy flirting with the minstrels (Raúl Martinez and Christopher) to notice.
Charmin Dahl won’t be having any ICE in her cocktail, thank you very much, as she falls into the waiting arms of Christopher (left) and Paul Lirette.
“This guy sure can’t keep a job,” thinks Charmin Dahl as Kris Chung laundry lists his many careers.
“You’re not going to believe this new feature!” brags Raúl Martinez to Kris Chung during their football watching party.
The football watching party pauses thanks to a new feature offered by the cable company. (from left: Raúl Martinez, Kris Chung, Paul Lirette, Charmin Dahl)
The cast thank their director, who saw a theme in their sketches and held the vision until they could see it too. (from left: Kris Chung, Charmin Dahl, Christopher, Raúl Martinez, director Natalie Shipman, Thea Deley,  Paul Lirette)
Lost your father? Don’t be sad! The FATHER FINDERS game show will help you find your dad! (from left: Thea Deley, Kris Chung, Paul Lirette, Charmin Dahl, Christopher, Raúl Martinez). Photo by Sandy Cheng
I hear you! I’m just not listening. (from left: Kris Chung, Charmin Dahl, Christopher, Thea Deley, Raúl Martinez, Paul Lirette)
Cardio Spider loves improvising, writing, filming and performing together. (from left: Thea Deley, Raúl Martinez, Charmin Dahl, Christopher, Kris Chung, Paul Lirette). Photo by Mike Maxwell
Comedy is more fun with friends! (from left, back row: Paul Lirette, Christopher, Kris Chung, Thea Deley; front row: Charmin Dahl, Raúl Martinez) Photo by Mike Maxwell


On the set of Dark Reflections.

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